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Welcome to Teddy Bear Clothes, where we care deeply about your furry friends and their comfort! Here’s how to measure your adorable teddy bear for the perfect fit of our delightful outfits:

1. Find a cozy spot for your teddy bear to lie down.
2. Gently place your teddy on a flat surface, ready for a fun measuring adventure.
3. Starting at the top of your teddy’s precious head, where the fluffiness begins, extend your measuring tape all the way down to those cute little toes.
4. Our teddy bears come in all shapes and sizes, so try to keep the measuring tape as straight as possible.
5. Now, when you dress your teddy in one of our adorable t-shirts or outfits, keep in mind that just like every teddy has its unique charm, there might be a touch of individuality in how the clothing fits.

Your teddy’s happiness matters to us, and we want every piece of clothing to be as huggable as your bear itself. By measuring from head to toe, you’ll ensure a snug and cozy fit that’s tailor-made for your one-of-a-kind cuddle companion. Thank you for choosing Teddy Bear Clothes where every bear’s comfort is our priority!

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